Travel For Living – Is It For You?

ByChris Lexau  able to journey drastically is a dream for many people, and it seems all of the extra attractive if your lifestyles is decided extra through elements you can not genuinely manage. Your boss is in a nasty mood maximum mornings whilst you get in to paintings? Your neighbours whisper behind your returned due to the fact your garden does not meet the requirements of the neighbourhood? All your friends communicate about is who gets a divorce next and who just sold a bigger car even though he can’t clearly come up with the money for it?

The idea to break out from it all and with the intention to set your personal time tables and priorities simply appears the greater appealing, the less manage approximately the elements that decide your existence you have got. But few people can afford to tour for months or years…

And if you make money writing to live off whilst you are travelling? The method to your catch 22 situation, a dream come true? Yes and no.

I have been visiting South America for a few years, studying and writing travel courses. It became without any doubt the most thrilling time of my existence. Since I became journeying on my own it as easy to get to recognise new humans and I am nevertheless in contact with some tourists from all around the world. I even met my husband on this journey and consequently came to stay with him in Spain. I found out a whole lot of beneficial things, like now not letting myself getting inspired by way of South American Machismo, status up for myself, overcoming fears – in short: this ride changed my lifestyles in multiple manner.

But there were downsides as well. You have if you want to motivate yourself, if you really need to make a living whilst you travel. There may not be a chairman to inform you every minute of the day what you need to do. That is great, of direction, however you may nevertheless should get things finished, so that you higher get your self organized. And you have to be organized to install greater than the eight hours each day you’ll do at your job at domestic. As with some thing you may do freelancing you need to be willing to paintings tough – it truly is no longer actually a hassle though, due to the fact you will be doing something you adore! At least, that is how it changed into for me.

I changed into traveling South America while using the Internet for maximum people meant writing emails. So each every now and then, when I changed into in a bigger town I found an area wherein you could use the Internet (for an exorbitant rate usually) and wrote some emails to my circle of relatives and buddies. I didn’t even recognise how to send an attachment, I mailed the discs with my texts via air mail to my publisher…

Since then things have modified a chunk and the Internet has made the lifestyles of a travel author a lot less complicated You do not have to have a piece of writing anymore, you can simply submit your travel diary as a blog or at your internet site. If you want to make cash along with your texts even though they ought to stick out from the lots of heaps of “had been there, have seen this, the climate is splendid, humans are genuinely excellent” sort of tour blogs. You ought to discover your particular voice and you need to see the story at the back of the sight. ” It changed into so top notch that I cannot clearly describe it” might not do. You ought to be funny, or philosophical, or a exquisite tale teller, or great of all, a little little bit of all. It is your very non-public voice and your outlook on the belongings you come across, with a view to inspire readers to come back again for more. In quick: you have to locate your target audience. Don’t get me incorrect: you don’t have to be a Bruce Chatwin or a Bill Bryson to achieve success as a travel blogger, but you have to discover you voice.

And how do I make money from this? There are distinct opportunities to earn money form a tour blog: Affiliate packages, AdSense and the likes, marketing… In order to make cash out of your travel blog you need to treat it like a business. If you’re new to running a blog for money it will not hurt in case you examine the basics. As in any enterprise there are belongings you need to recognize, technical stuff like setting up your weblog, things like a way to get the site visitors, and, very important of path, a way to make money with your weblog.

This is where Travel Blog Success from David Lee comes in. It explains the fundamentals, but it also facilitates the more skilled blogger to get things right and rolling.

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