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Hotel Borispol, Kiev, Ukraine

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Borispol airport, Kiev, Borispol, +380 44 281 71 05; +380 44 490 99 35

the hotel is located in the territory of the airport. The rooms correspond to European standards and De-luxe class. Close to the hotel there is  the Olga restaurant that is connected with the hotel with a covered passage. It works round-the-clock and offers a wide range of dishes and drinks. There is a cafe-bar, a sauna, a swimming-pool, a fitness center, currency exchange. At the service of businessmen there is a conference hall for 14 seats and a business room equipped with modern video- and office equipment  with the possibility to get Internet access. In the rooms there is a telephone, a TV-set, a bathroom; In the first-class rooms there is an air-conditioner. On the ground floor there is an equipped room for disabled people.

there is a room for a mother and a child which can be used for a 6-hour rest of a mother who is traveling with children of preschool  age. In the room there is a cot and a play room with heated floor and a kitchen equipped correspondingly.





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Активный отдых. Активные туры. Каталог туристических сайтов.